We work with businesses everyday, and we’ve built our firm to reflect those businesses.
Significant Legal Resources. Single Point of Contact.

You need an attorney who understands how you operate and can relate to your organization, but you also need an attorney who is responsive and brings serious legal skills to the table. That’s what we do. We’ve abandoned the traditional law firm model in favor of a modern client-centric approach to the practice of law. We maintain simple and efficient organizational and practice structures and use industry-leading technology so that we can better serve you as an integral member of your team.


A boutique law firm, built to scale.

We are a boutique firm, but we can handle even large and complex legal matters for our clients. When significant legal matters arise that require additional staffing or expertise outside of our core competencies, we use our network of outside attorneys to assist. TaberPatrick is affiliated with Phillips Lytle LLP, a full-service law firm with over 160 attorneys in eight offices throughout the northeastern United States and Canada.

TaberPatrick and Phillips Lytle have a long history of collaboration, and we can provide joint billing and other services to make engagements involving Phillips Lytle seamless for our clients. To learn more about Phillips Lytle, check out the firm’s website.


Attorneys who embrace the modern era.

Much of the traditional legal world still functions via paper, which is why we see technology as a tool to improve services to our clients. In fact, we model the technology we use after the software and applications used by our clients. If a client uses a particular application in its operations, we’ll work to adopt it in ours if it promotes greater accessibility for our clients or otherwise improves performance.

Our files are stored and retained electronically, and we use industry-leading cloud-based technology to provide enhanced data security and encryption, as well as transparency and access for our clients. Our client portal allows our clients to have 24-hour access to their legal materials, as well as up-to-date information on open matters and billings.


We are available, wherever you are

TaberPatrick represents businesses and interests in diverse areas of the country and abroad. We recognize that remaining accessible and getting to know our clients personally is crucial despite these challenges. Our attorneys were early adopters of e-commuting for legal services, and our approach allows us to provide world-class legal services while completing much of our work online, through email, or by telephone or video conference.


We want to be a part of your team.
Many companies that would like to have an attorney as an integral member of their team do not have the need or resources to hire full-time in-house counsel. That is why concierge legal services are a rapidly growing segment of the legal industry. For a fixed fee amount, a concierge attorney performs the client’s legal work and is “on-call” as legal matters arise. Benefits to this approach can be significant, including easier forecasting of legal fees and the ability to access counsel without the concern of incremental charges. Companies often forego legal advice because they are making decisions in real-time and either cannot wait for an attorney to get back to them or do not want to incur the additional expense. Our concierge legal services address these issues by emphasizing prompt, personal attention and reducing reliance on the “billable hour” as the foundation for legal fees.